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The Land Development Process
Centurion Development Services provides comprehensive land use planning and land development management including:
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Formal Subdivisions/Short Plats
Whether your project calls for dividing a parcel into a relatively simple 2 lot short plat or a 200 lot formal plat with multiple phases, varied neighborhoods, parks, recreation facilities and street-scapes CDS provides expert design, entitlement management and development management services.
At the feasibility stage our sole purpose is to assist our clients in making informed decisions about property acquisition. A solid up-front understanding of permit requirements, timing and cost is critical.

Accordingly, our work preferably begins when a property owner or buyer engages in determining the development potential of a subject property.

Conduct of a thorough Feasibility Study identifies various factors such as code requirements, environmental constraints and title issues that impact the development potential of a prospective property.

The work product associated with a full- scope Feasibility Study consists of a preliminary land use plan, a preliminary estimate of development cost (exclusive of ownership costs such as legal fees, property taxes and interest expenses) and a thorough report detailing our findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Of course, depending on the property and your needs we can tailor the study scope which may or may not require the full scope we typically recommend.
Zoning/Land Use
Our purpose is to maximize the development potential of our client's property. In order to do that sometimes it makes sense to rezone the property to allow higher density. In some instances this may also require a Comprehensive Plan Amendment.

CDS has broad experience in determining the feasibility of these types of land use actions, planning, preparing and submitting the application and then managing the public review and approval process.
Land Planning
CDS provides expert land planning. Working with our team of surveyors, engineers, environmental consultants and landscape architects we design livable communities that harmonize with the topography and surrounding environment while efficiently utilizing available space.

Our extensive experience in managing development all over the Greater Puget Sound area provides us with an unparalleled understanding of how functional design translates into successful development. How profitability depends upon practical layouts that minimize construction requirements and create lots designed with the builder and, ultimately, the home buyer in mind from the very beginning.
Our work includes preparation of the complete land use application including selection, coordination and management of the surveyor, engineers, environmental scientists and landscape architects that may be required.

Once the submittal has been made we act as the clients' representative; meeting with the jurisdiction(s) throughout the process to ensure as timely, efficient and cost-effective review and approval as possible.

During the review process Centurion Development Services acts as a buffer between review agencies, concerned neighbors and other interested parties and the client.

In addition to the land use approval required by the local jurisdiction other permits are often required from State or Federal agencies. These typically include permits for discharge of construction storm water, logging of marketable timber and wetland alterations. Some larger and/or more complicated projects may require a State Shoreline Permit, State Water Quality Certification and/or Section 404 permit through the Army Corps of Engineers.

CDS has broad experience working with the local, State and Federal agencies that may be involved, with selection and management of the various sub-consultants required to assist with preparation of the various applications and negotiating on the client’s behalf when necessary.
Park Design/Development
CDS provides comprehensive parks and outdoor active and passive recreation facility design and development management services.

Whether in conjunction with development of a new community or for a stand-alone facility for the public, working with our team of landscape architects, landscapers and nurserymen we design park and recreation facilities that blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment, minimize maintenance expense and create situation-appropriate active and passive recreation options.
Project Budgeting
Whether in feasibility or in development accurate project budgets are an essential tool for determining potential profitability and forecasting cash requirements.

CDS' extensive experience in managing development throughout the Greater Puget Sound area provides us with unparalleled knowledge of soil conditions, the likelihood of various atypical construction issues, local code requirements, materials availability and contractor pricing. This translates into development cost estimates renowned within the industry for their accuracy and comprehensive scope.
Project Scheduling
CDS provides and updates development project schedules using modern software tools based on CPM/PERT methodology.

More importantly, our extensive experience developing projects of all sizes in multiple jurisdictions provides us with the knowledge necessary to enter accurate data into that software so that the schedules we generate are of real value.
Cash Flow & Pro-forma
By melding our project schedule with our development budget CDS is able to produce development cost-related cash flow projections that can be used to estimate financing needs. This information can be integrated into an overall project pro-forma that takes into account build-out costs and sales revenue projections and/or into enterprise level program management tools integrating multiple projects.
Development Management
CDS provides expert selection, coordination and management of the engineers, surveyor and contractors essential to the success of your project. We prepare the bid packages, tabulate, analyze, model and compare the bid pricing, recommend award and facilitate contracting.

During engineering and construction we act as the client's representative, managing engineering design, the plan review process, all construction activities and development inspection and acceptance through completion of the project.

Throughout this phase CDS continually monitors and evaluates the design and specifications of the project looking for ways to improve the final product, reduce the development timeline and increase profits.

CDS’ extensive experience in managing development all over the Greater Puget Sound area provides us with unparalleled knowledge of soil conditions, the likelihood of various atypical construction issues, local code requirements, governmental process and procedures, materials availability and contractor expertise giving us a serious advantage in the effort to anticipate and plan for any potential development issue that may arise.
Final Plats
A critical and, unfortunately, often overlooked link in the development process, vigilant management of the final plat recording process is an essential element for success.

While the project is under construction we coordinate and manage the final plat process so that recording of the new lots takes place in a timely and efficient manner.

We coordinate between the surveyor, the jurisdictions' construction inspection and final plat review personnel, other concerned agencies, the client's title and bonding companies and the client to make sure that all final plat conditions have been met, any impediments to recording are resolved and all bonds are in place when they need to be so that the process runs as smoothly as possible.
Bond Release
CDS works with the various agencies and the client’s bonding agent to ensure timely release of all bonds posted during the construction and acceptance phases of the development process.

In order to accomplish this we track all the bonds that have been posted and make certain that the inspecting agency is informed of an upcoming expiration well ahead of time so any punch list work that may be required can be accomplished, the construction accepted and the bond released as early within the statutory time frame as possible.
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