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Centurion Development Services provides professional land planning and development management for the Greater Puget Sound area. Assisting property owners and developers through the land development process from initial feasibility through development, keeping the process smooth and stress free. Our goal is to design livable communities that work with the natural topography of the site and fit in nicely with surrounding development. Centurion works hard to minimize your development costs in order to maximize your project profits.
Michael J. Romano
Mike Romano grew up in Washington and has been engaged in professional land development management for over 20 years. He enjoys working with property owners to bring out the full potential of a land development project.  When Mike is not working he enjoys skiing, the occasional round of golf and sampling NW cuisine.

He has broad experience in all phases of the development process, with highly recognized skills and a successful track record in project management, permitting and land planning. From parks to subdivisions, zoning to permits, project proforma and budgeting, Mike is passionate about making your land development project a reality.
What Our Clients Have to Say...
What Our Clients Say...
Kent Stepan, VP Land Development, Henderson Homes
...very effective in working with contractors. He understands the land use development construction process and has extensive experience with construction projects throughout Puget Sound.
John Norris, President, Norris Homes
...very familiar with King and Snohomish County rules, regulations and staff as well as the codes and staff of many of the individual cities. He has been involved in plats all over the Puget Sound region.
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Centurion Development Services
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