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Centurion Development Services
Centurion Development Services is a professional management firm specializing in assisting property owners, land developers and builders throughout the land development process. Centurion provides expert assistance gained through years of experience to simplify and expedite all phases of the land development process for its clients.
Michael Romano
Mr. Romano has been engaged in professional land development management for over 20 years.
Professional Land Development Management
Centurion's work preferably begins at or before the time the property is purchased through conduct of a Feasibility Study. Land use issues, site constraints and other factors that impact development potential are analyzed in order to determine the best use of the property.
Centurion Development Services provides expert land planning and entitlement management. During the review process Centurion Development Services acts as a buffer between review agencies, concerned neighbors and the owner/developer.
Once the proposed land use action has received approval from the local jurisdiction Centurion can assist you with preparation and coordination of the construction drawings and final plat document and with contractor selection and management. Centurion works as your representative with the engineers, surveyor, and contractors to make sure the job gets done right.
Centurion Development Services offers comprehensive land use planning and development management. Projects range in scope from two lot short plats to large Master Planned Developments. . Centurion's decades of experience in navigating through the land planning, entitlement and development process will help make your project a reality.
Centurion Development Services
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